Muslim-Americans Stand Up To FIGHT HATE In Trump’s America (VIDEOS)

The main groups that have felt the ramifications of Trump’s hateful rhetoric include Mexican-Americans, members of the LGBT community, and those of Arab descent. Skeptics argue that words are not capable of hurting anyone, but when those words inspire a massive increase in hate crime, then it’s easy to see the devastation caused by hateful rhetoric.

One positive to come out of this increase in racial tension is that Muslim-Americans are standing up for their rights like never before.

Standing Up for Equality

With hate crimes against Muslims on a rapid increase since Trump was elected president, many Muslim-Americans are taking the opportunity to speak up against rights violations. A representative from the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), Ibrahim Hooper, made it clear that there’s a need for Muslim-Americans to make themselves heard in a positive way.

In an interview with ABC News, Hooper stated that

Trump was elected because a lot of people stayed home.”

Hooper also said that Muslim-Americans should increase their involvement in “civic participation.” For inspiration, Hooper recommends looking to ethnic groups that have made great strides in regaining equal rights in the past.

Modeled After the Success of Jewish and Black Rights Groups

Hooper and other leaders in the Muslim-American community are looking to two groups who have accomplished a lot in terms of gaining equality in America. Jewish and Black rights groups and protesters have been notably effective in fighting unjust government decisions, and protesting injustices to their people.

By adopting a similar pattern of peaceful civic participation, Muslim-Americans can attain the equality that has been hard-earned by other ethnic groups.

A New Hope for Muslim-America

The mutual uproar of groups that support women, Mexican immigrants, and those in the LGBT community provides a fertile battleground for Muslim-Americans to join.

In addition to a new opportunity to speak up and make their voices heard, there is another benefit to Muslim-Americans joining in civic protests across the country. By rising up and being heard now, Muslim-Americans can take their rightful place among others who have been wronged by the Trump administration.

Perhaps greater involvement in equal rights for Muslim-Americans will emerge as a long term benefit from the controversial 2016 election.

Watch this video to get an idea of the reactions we’re seeing:

Watch this to get an idea of how Muslims are fighting back:

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