WATCH: GOP Pi**ed As Trump Transition Team Deadlocked, Work Grinds To A Halt

No matter how you look at the new President-elect Donald Trump’s transition into the White House, you could say it’s either grinding to a halt, or becoming a Comedy of Errors.

Both Democrats and Republicans are worried that Trump and his team won’t be ready to govern come January’s inauguration.


Trouble began with the quick change in the head of Trump’s transition team; a swap from New Jersey’s Republican Governor Chris Christie to Vice President-elect Mike Pence the Republican Governor of Indiana.

This in the wake of Gov. Christie’s fiasco nicknamed ‘Bridgegate‘ where two of his top aides have recently been convicted.

Although Gov. Christie was mentioned numerous times throughout the trial he was never called to testify. He denies knowing anything about the incident.

Transition Team Deadlock

Next, the Obama Administration told the press that although a week has passed since the election, they had not received the documentation needed to move forward.

Papers were to be signed by Pence, which would legally allow the transitioning administrations to start the crucial process of the turnover. It finally arrived Tuesday night.

It’s interesting to note that the document Pence signed was identical to that signed by Christie before he was ousted. Hmmm.

Until that point, the two parties were virtually stymied, as they were legally bound not to communicate with those tasked with taking over.

Not only that, the Trump transition team officials were nowhere to be found when they were expected to meet on Monday.

This includes Trump’s new head of the Department of Energy, responsible for nuclear weapons safety, the head of the Department of Transportation and the head of the Justice Department.

It seems Trump has had several key people in mind for these positions. However, none of them has agreed to come on board. And really, can you blame them?

As of yesterday, there were nearly fifteen key appointments that the Trump team was considering, but no confirmations. It seems the silent majority who voted Trump into office is not willing to speak up for him.

Hang folks, this new administration is going to take us on a bumpy ride!

Check out this video clip for more information about Trump’s transition team:

Featured Image By Donkey Hotey Via Wikimedia Commons/CC-SA-2.0.

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