3 Things About Trump’s CIA Director Pick That Will Keep You Up At Night

President-Elect Trump has named who will take over as Central Intelligence Agency Director when his term begins in January. The man chosen to head the CIA is Kansas Republican, Congressman Mike Pompeo.

A graduate of both West Point and Harvard Law School, Rep. Pompeo earned a reputation as an aggressive force for major Republican issues. For example, Rep. Pompeo was heavily involved on the Select Committee on Benghazi, and is now known as a fierce and outspoken critic of former Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.

These three notable highlights provide some idea of what to expect from the new CIA Director.

He Thinks Edward Snowden Deserves the Death Penalty

When intelligence contractor, Edward Snowden, revealed secret documents to the public that exposed nefarious activities the NSA was involved in, some thought he was a hero, while numerous others branded him a traitor.

Rep. Pompeo is one of Snowden’s most outspoken opponents, stating that he should be severely punished when caught, and he explained that:

“The proper outcome would be that he be given a death sentence.”

He Supports Harsh Interrogation Techniques

If you thought waterboarding was inhumane, imagine what could happen if Trump and Rep. Pompeo have their way. This may be just the beginning.

Trump expressed interest in rescinding laws that prevent brutal interrogation techniques, with waterboarding being the most controversial. The reason stated was that refusing to utilize waterboarding and other harsh interrogation techniques leaves America at a disadvantage to Islamic extremists.

Rep. Pompeo clarified that Americans who use interrogation techniques like waterboarding:

“…Are not torturers, they’re patriots.”

He was Praised by his Democratic Rival

At a time when the country is deeply polarized, it means a lot to receive praise from the opposite side of the aisle.

Acknowledging their significant differences, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif), has surprisingly complimented Rep. Pompeo:

“While we have had our share of strong differences — principally on the politicization of the tragedy in Benghazi — I know that he is someone who is willing to listen and engage, both key qualities in a CIA director.”

Now that is frightening.

Watch this video on newly chosen CIA Director Rep. Pompeo, and his role as a Koch Brother puppet controlled by Charles and David’s wallet:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.