How The Russians Really Feel About Trump’s Election (VIDEO)


One concern swirling around the unexpected election of Donald Trump is the question of his relationship with Russia.

We have read about the financial connections between Trump’s inner circle and the Russian government. We’ve seen Trump and Russian President Putin trading compliments.

We’ve all seen the creepy memes about the bromance between the two of them.

But now that the election is over, and Trump is actually about to become President, it’s important to take a look at how Russia is reacting.

A look at the government influenced paper, Pravda (“Truth”) shows that the official Russian position on Trump is very, very positive.

In fact, the paper and its readers seems to be pretty much dancing in the streets.

Image via Pravda screengrab.
Image via Pravda screengrab.

The article above is titled, “Europeans in mourning; Trump wins.” The article says that the “Old World” of Europe is in shock, because they realize that a vote for Trump is really a vote against the Washington establishment. The piece goes on to analyze why Europe was so shocked at Trump’s election

It says that in order to understand this level of “stupidity”, one must go back to the earliest days of the Trump administration, when Europe’s leaders were duped by the election of the first African American President. They were blinded by their own jubilation, it says.

It says that the European Union blindly followed Obama in the belief that they would get some kind of payback under a Clinton Presidency.

Now, the article gloats, the Europeans are realizing that America is no longer in charge. Basically, it says, those stupid European leaders backed the wrong horse.

After the election, one Russian civilian decided to organize a rally in support of the future President.  The young man is a blogger from the city of Obninsk, about 60 miles from Moscow. He said:

“I thought, well, it would be good if we can organize something here in Russia to demonstrate our support to the newly-elected president. We think that Trump is a good candidate for Russia.”

The Russian news outlet “Russia Today” also reported on the Trump election. The news outlet, which is under the control of the Putin government, posted an article entitled: If Trump moves to heal ties with Russia, establishment will oppose him fiercely.

The presumption of the Russian government and media is that the entrenched, establishment forces of Europe and the United States have been shocked by the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency. The viewpoint of Russian media is that Trump represents a break from the traditional.

Russia is excited to have Trump in the White House. He has talked about lifting economic sanctions against Russia. He has been publicly critical of NATO, the American-European military treaty.

If there is any doubt that people in Russia and within the Russian sphere of influence, are happy to have Trump taking power in the U.S., there is a billboard on display in the country of Montenegro.

The billboard shows side by side images of Trump and Putin, with the heading:

“Let us, together, made the world great again!”

As we enter in the strange and surreal period between the election and the inauguration of Donald J. Trump, let’s remember that among those who are celebrating his victory, Trump can count the Russian government among is supporters.

To steal a line from Sting and the Police, let me just say that “I hope the Russians love their children, too.”

Featured image by Yolanda White via Flickr. Available through CC BY-SA Generic 2.0 License.

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