Buy Another Latte – Trump Supporters Start Bizarre Backwards Starbucks Protest (VIDEO)

In the latest installment of the conservative nutjobs’ annual war on Starbucks, Trump supporters have started the strangest protest I’ve heard of in a long time. It’s not quite a boycott; rather, some of Trump’s quick-witted minions have waged war on the coffee giant by buying drinks there, and having the baristas write “Trump” on the latte cups.

Boy, that’ll show ’em. Nothing sends a big “Eff Yoo” to the man like buying more of their product.

All He Wanted Was A Coffee

A few dedicated Trump fans have been trying to make hashtag: TrumpCup happen for a while now. It finally gained traction after a video of an irate Trump supporter went viral. In the video, Florida real estate developer David Sanguesa threw an impressive temper tantrum after waiting too long for his coffee.

Sanguesa can be seen and heard stomping around a Coral Gables Starbucks, taunting a barista with shouts of

“You lost!”


“I voted for Trump!”

Sanguesa appeared to be convinced that his coffee order was delayed because the barista knew how he had voted in the last presidential election. He later told the New Times,

I was racially discriminated against… This is bullshit. I’m a business owner. I didn’t deserve this. That woman refused to serve us coffee.”

After having his behavior chastised by others in the coffee shop, Sanguesa threatened to punch an employee, and finally left the store. A customer, Jorge Cardenas, filmed Sanguesa’s tirade. It soon went viral, and Trump supporters across the country joined forces in support of Sanguesa.

Operation: TrumpCup

Once Trump fans got word that one of their own had been reverse-racism-ed and wasn’t allowed to scream and yell at a coffee shop employee like it is his God-given right, the war was on.

Twitter lit up like the speedway on half-price Milwaukee’s Best night, as Sanguesa’s supporters encouraged others to take action against Starbucks, in retaliation for the so-called discrimination.  The plan was brilliantly laid out by Twitter user Baked Alaska.

“Operation #TrumpCup

1) Go to Starbucks & tell them your name is Trump

2) If they refuse take video

Pls share & spread the word”

That’s right. To get back at Starbucks, the plan is to go there, order a latte or coffee, and tell the barista your name is “Trump” Then they’ll have to write it on the cup and shout his name when the coffee is ready, get it?

Yeah, I don’t either, but what do you expect from the folks who freaked out because Santa Claus wasn’t on their paper coffee cups last year? In fact, a year ago, Trump suggested that people boycott Starbucks because they didn’t write “Merry Christmas” on their cups.

To make this whole thing even more ridiculous, Starbucks corporate policy doesn’t state that employees have to write customer names on the cups, or to call them when the coffee is ready. It’s just kind of a thing that they do sometimes.

The Sobering Reality

Despite the silliness of the whole “TrumpCup” thing, when you look at what’s behind it, the reality is sobering. Several people were verbally abused and one was physically threatened, all over a cup of coffee. Throughout the tirade, David Sanguesa was shouting the name of the President-elect, and now people are lining up to defend his abuse in the name of Donald Trump.

The misguided protest is hilarious; the violence and ugliness that predicated it, not so much.

Featured Image: Screenshot via YouTube video.

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