4 Key Points You Need To Understand About The Alt-Right – And Why It Matters (TWEETS)

If you’ve heard the term “Alt-right,” but have only a vague knowledge of what it is, you’re not alone. Not only is the movement fairly new, but it’s not represented by popular, mainstream media.

Essentially, it’s a new term for an old ideology. The Alt-right is a collection of general ideals that are agreed upon by its supporters. Many of their views are controversial, and have earned the Alt-right movement accusations of being a haven for white nationalists.

Any doubt of their racist inclinations was removed when photos emerged of members performing Nazi salutes at a recent meeting.

With clear ties to President-elect Trump and an Alt-right leader possibly earning a position in the White House, the Alt-right movement is growing. With this growth comes increased opposition to their elitist and racist propaganda.

Here are four key points to remember about the Alt-right, an organization that is against political correctness and immigration, while favoring tribalism and white nationalist ideals.


The Alt-right is Too Racist for Traditional Conservatism and Libertarianism

Progressives should not confuse the Alt-right with the typical conservative or Libertarian. Instead, consider the Alt-right as a new, and significantly worse affront to equality in America.

While many true traditional Conservatives tend to still value religious-based morals, the Alt-right actively engages in white nationalist propaganda. Much of the discussion from members of the Alt-right occurs on secret Reddit pages, niche publications, and other online sources.

In this comparison, the Alt-right is akin to a more tech savvy and hateful branch of the Conservative party.

Their differences from Libertarianism follow that same trend. While Libertarians support maximum freedom for all citizens, the Alt-right is much more exclusive and tribal in their views.

The Alt-right is Powered by Neo-Nazi Memes and Propaganda

The engine of the Alt-right movement consists of internet based leaders who are unknown to the mainstream, but hold a lot of power among their followers.

One such example is Andrew Anglin, an unapologetic supporter of Neo-Nazism. Through his various blogs, Anglin has perpetrated hoaxes of KKK rallies, and has even had a known hacker publicly convert on his website.

With memes, trolls, and hateful propaganda as their core weapons, the Alt-right has grown behind the scenes like a disease on humanity itself.

Steve Bannon’s Breitbart is their Voice in the Media

The most high-profile voice for the Alt-right, Breitbart is a site known for both normal-seeming news stories, and stories that reek of nationalist propaganda. If visiting Breitbart, expect a lot of fear-mongering, Islamophobia, and resounding support of President-elect Trump.

While you may not have known Steve Bannon as an executive chairman of Breitbart before, his potential appointment onto Trump’s staff brought him abruptly into the spotlight. The proposition of Bannon’s appointment to political power inspired protests from a massive array of human rights groups.

They Played a Major Role in Getting Trump Elected

Make no mistake: President-elect Trump has undeniable ties to the Alt-right movement.

Not only has Breitbart founder Steve Bannon played a major role in Trump’s campaign, but several of his appointees have had ties to racist organizations.

While many waited for an outright refusal to accept support from these groups, no such refusal came from the Trump campaign. Conversely, Trump benefited enormously from white nationalist groups, including rural hate groups and members of the Alt-right movement.

As a result of Trump’s election, hate crimes have increased, and hateful groups like the Alt-right have experienced an upsurge in notoriety.

Fortunately for progressives, these attempts to bring the Alt-right movement into the mainstream have been countered with unrelenting protests from human rights groups.


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