FREE APP: Boycott Businesses That Support Trump – Hit Them Where They’ll Feel It (VIDEO)

We may not have been able to prevent Republican President-elect Donald Trump’s election to the presidency, but we can still protest in a way that will surely get his attention: by hitting him in his wallet.

It just so happens there’s an app for that that makes it a whole lot easier.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump is a Political Action Committee originally formed to keep Trump out of the White House. The group has a new mission now:

“DCAT now exists to hold the Trump White House accountable, and is directly countering Donald Trump, along with Republican elected officials and candidates who support him, through aggressive digital and traditional advertising, grassroots action, in-depth opposition research, and a nationwide rapid-response team.”

One of its tools is a free app that can be downloaded from iTunes so you can check whether you want to purchase a product or service while you’re on the go, wherever you may be.

Image: Screenshot Via iPhone App Store
Image: Screenshot Via iPhone App Store

As MSNBC notes, the list of companies you may want to avoid goes beyond brands that just bear the Trump name:

“The simple app from the Democratic Coalition Against Trump lets users search a database of company names. It includes both obscure businesses, like generically named property management companies on whose board Trump sits, and well-known brands like Home Depot, whose co-founders are vocal Trump supporters.


‘The election may be over, but the fight against Trump has just begun,’ said Nate Lerner, the group’s executive director. ‘Our Boycott Trump app enables people to take action against Trump by turning their purchasing power into a tool for protest. This hits Trump and his allies where it hurts them most – their wallets.'”

I’ve got it on my phone now. How about you?

If you’re still not convinced, watch Rachel Maddow talk about how Trump and his family are actively trying to cash in on a presidency that is already fraught with conflicts of interest.



Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video



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