‘It Could Put Us Back Into The Dark Ages’ – Trump To Shut Down NASA’s Climate Research (VIDEO)

Thanks to climate change, 11 of the last 13 months have been the hottest ever recorded. But President-elect Donald Trump intends to end NASA’s climate research in order to combat what his team calls “politically correct environmental monitoring.”

Bob Walker, a Trump campaign adviser, said in a new interview that NASA’s climate work is unnecessary.

“We see NASA in an exploration role, in deep space research. Earth-centric science is better placed at other agencies where it is their prime mission.

“My guess is that it would be difficult to stop all ongoing NASA programs but future programs should definitely be placed with other agencies. I believe that climate research is necessary but it has been heavily politicized, which has undermined a lot of the work that researchers have been doing. Mr. Trump’s decisions will be based upon solid science, not politicized science.”

Walker did not suggest which agencies would be better-equipped to take over the work that NASA currently does.

Trump has previously said that he believes climate change is a hoax perpetrated by China. On the campaign trail, he promised to govern as an ally to the fossil fuel industry. While Trump has recently made more moderate comments about climate change, his appointment of climate denier Myron Ebell to head of the Environmental Protection Agency indicates that he remains unconcerned about the fate of the planet.

Climate scientists have expressed alarm at Trump’s decision. Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research said:

“It could put us back into the ‘dark ages’ of almost the pre-satellite era. It would be extremely short sighted.”

“We live on planet Earth and there is much to discover, and it is essential to track and monitor many things from space. Information on planet Earth and its atmosphere and oceans is essential for our way of life. Space research is a luxury, Earth observations are essential.”

Penn State University’s Michael Mann was equally dismayed by the likely end of NASA’s invaluable climate science.

“Without the support of NASA, not only the U.S. but the entire world would be taking a hard hit when it comes to understanding the behavior of our climate and the threats posed by human-caused climate change.”

“It would be a blatantly political move, and would indicate the president-elect’s willingness to pander to the very same lobbyists and corporate interest groups he derided throughout the campaign.”

Check out the video below to see some of the crucial work NASA does to monitor greenhouse gas emissions across the world:

Featured image via Memegenerator.