SCREW Trump – Faithless Electors Considering A ‘Unity Candidate’ (VIDEO)

You may be familiar with the term #NotMyPresident. It’s been used on and around social media platforms, protest marches, public forums, etc. since Donald J. Trump became the country’s president-elect.

That was eighteen days ago.

Since then, anti-Trump organizers have formed a national coalition of sorts. This coalition’s mission is, basically, to put pressure on the Electoral College voters to choose an alternative candidate to the current president-elect.

The electors are required to hold the official vote in their respective states on December 19.

This doesn’t mean Hillary Clinton will be their next choice. In fact, it probably won’t be, since most of the Electoral College went red.

It’s more likely the electors will look for agreement on a Republican “unity candidate.”

Of course, this is all in response to the woeful job and disastrous indications that the President-elect Tis offering us.Unite For America, as it is now called, has been working on this diligently since November 9th. It has become apparent that there are not enough faithless electors to sway the vote to Clinton.

Jon Gedney, is head of the Unite For America’s New York City division. He’s now spearheading a petition that calls on electors to create a united coalition with their colleagues across the aisle.

The intention would be to elect a more stable, disciplined, and emotionally mature Republican. You know the kind of president-elect that has actual political experience. Perhaps a governorship or time spent as a senator.Anyone, but a fired reality television show celebrity.

In fact, the petition suggests three names closer to what we may think of as a unity candidate:

  1. Billionaire and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg (R-N.Y.)
  2. Governor John Kasich (R- Ohio)
  3. Former Governor Mitt Romney (R- Mass.)

Frankly, if we can’t have Hillary, I’d take any one of them over the current leathery president- elect tangerine. Of course, this is a long shot, but it’s certainly possible and completely in line with our laws and the Constitution.

I’m doing my duty to this country and to my conscience and signing the petition.

I hope you do too. And if you have any doubt as to what road Trump is taking us down, watch this:

Feature Image via by Kaz Vorpal under license CC 2.0

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