The Hypocrisy Continues: Trump Picks Wall Street Banker As Head of Treasury (VIDEO)

Arguably the biggest reason why President-elect Donald Trump won the presidency was because he promised to get rid of established politicians and bankers. In speech after speech, his mantra of, “Drain the Swamp” became one of Trump’s most used catch phrases.

In the latest in a series of departures from his campaign promises, Trump’s most recent appointment is not a good sign for anyone, but his most wealthy supporters.

Trump’s choice of a Wall Street banker to lead the Treasury Department is further proof that he doesn’t intend to stand by many of his campaign promises.

Trump Gives More Power to Wall Street

The move to put Wall Street banker, Steve Mnuchin, in charge of the treasury is one that will be hard to accept for both working-class Trump-supporters and progressives. A former partner at Goldman Sachs, Mnuchin is the very definition of someone who is going to further causes of the republican wealthy.

In an interview with CNN’s Squak Box, Mnuchin already committed to rolling back the Dodd-Frank law, a regulation that puts limitations on bank loans.

Giving more power and government-backed credibility to Wall Street bankers is not going to help anyone but the wealthy. Considering that the majority of people who elected Trump are working-class white people in rural areas, Trump is clearly rewarding his wealthy supporters while leaving the needs of his voting electorate behind.

Trump Is Making the Swamp Worse

The appointment of Mnuchin to head the Treasury Department stands as the latest example of Trump doing the exact opposite of what he said he’d do. While he gleefully used “Drain the Swamp” as a battle cry to defeat Hilary, it’s clear that all of Trump’s appointees have come straight out of that same establishment, the one he swore to get rid of.

Not only did Trump not drain the swamp, but he’s continuing to fill it with racists, nazi-sympathizers, and the same wealthy bankers he swore to oust from the White House.

Watch this clip for more information on the newest member of the swamp:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video