Melania’s Pic Photographer Is More Than Angry

Antoine Verglas, famous for his artistic nude photography and the man who took racy and nude pictures of Melania in 2000 for GQ, is up in arms about the photographs being used against the future First Lady.

Verglas was mortified when he found out that the photography of naked Melania was being used by a political action committee to target President-elect Donald Trump during his campaign in Utah. He immediately called Melania to let her know he would be taking legal action. Verglas told Page Six:

“When I work with people, there is a trust. So I just wanted to assure her I was in shock . . . I spoke with my lawyer and we sent a cease-and-desist letter.”

So just to recap, Melania Trump had nude pictures taken for GQ magazine in 2000 and is now shocked and appalled that someone would use her distasteful antics against her husband, who was not running for mayor, but for PRESIDENT.

A woman’s body and her form of expression is a beautiful right that she has and no one should judge her for her choices in that department but she should also stop being so shocked by the backlash from it in the political arena.

The First Lady of France, Carla Bruni, has also had nude pictures taken by Verglas before she was first lady, and as with any artistic expression with a woman’s body you have to be aware of the stigmas that go along with it. You must be ready to face those stigmas head on with class and dignity, not a lawyer.

Verglas recently had a photography show where he exhibited some of his work including Bruni, Angelina Jolie, and other stars in the buff but chose to leave Melania’s out because it “wasn’t the right time.”

Yes, by all means wait until our country is knee deep in tyranny and at war with other countries to have an art show of nude pictures of Melania. Great Idea.

Featured Image Via Celeb Jihad

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