Not All Republicans Support Trump and Ryan’s Plans to Gut Medicare (VIDEO)

Since President-elect Trump was chosen as our next president, ominous rumors have spread about the many ways he’s going to ruin the middle class and further divide the country.

One of those plans is to destroy Medicare, and with the backing of House Speaker, Paul Ryan, it’s one of the first items on his list.

What Is Medicare And Why Do We Need It?

Created in 1965 as a result of seniors not being able to get insurance coverage, Medicare essentially made health coverage a mandatory right rather than a luxury.

Evidence of the program’s effectiveness can be seen in the increases in longevity experienced throughout the country. The Medicare program is so popular with the elderly that 56 million people were signed up for it as of 2015.

Just celebrating its 50th anniversary last year, Trump’s election threatens the existence of Medicare. Continuing with policies that help the wealthy over the middle class, sources like Rep. Susan Collins express concerns that President-elect Trump and Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan, will completely dismantle the Medicare program. These concerns from high-ranking insiders are in direct conflict with Trump’s own remarks during the campaign.

Republican Senators Speak Out Against Trump’s Plan For Medicare

It’s obvious that progressives and those in favor of human rights would be against gutting Medicare.

But a few Republican Senators have spoken up about their opposition to Trump’s plans as well.

On Thursday, Senator Lamar Alexander, R-Tennessee expressed his reservations to any changes to Medicare. Rather than outright dismissing Trump’s plan, Senator Alexander insisted that it shouldn’t be a major priority for the GOP. In the same interview, he stated that repealing Obama care is a much more urgent priority.

Senator Susan Collins, R-Maine, has been the most outspoken opponent of Trump and Ryan’s plan to restructure Medicare. In an interview with the Portland Press Herald, Collins noted the program’s effectiveness before explaining that Medicare should be left alone.

“Suffice it to say I have a number of reservations. A complete upending of a program (Medicare) that by and large serves seniors well is not something that appeals to me.”

How Many More Republican Senators Oppose Trump?

While a few Republican senators have voiced concerns over Trump’s intentions for Medicare and other programs, others who opposed him during the election have remained silent.

Senators like New York Republican Senator, Richard Hanna, are among the many Republicans who have spoken out against Trump before the election.

With a Republican majority in the Senate, these Republicans who are bold enough to oppose Trump may ironically be the best hope for progress and human rights during the next four years.

Featured Image Via The Federalist Papers