In Texas ‘A Woman’s Right To Know’ About Abortion Is Limited To BLATANT Lies (VIDEO)

At a time when it’s been proven that conservatives used false propaganda to get elected, the recent revision of a mandatory abortion book in Texas is found to be loaded with lies.

Some people in America have conservative religious views, but when those views spread lies that affect the general public, someone should be held accountable.

That someone is this case is the government of Texas.

The Fraudulent Mandatory Abortion Book of Texas

Texas law requires any women seeking an abortion to first read their propaganda-laden book, A Woman’s Right to Know. Ironically, medical professionals have denounced the book as full of inaccurate statements and pseudo-science. Doctors note that the recently-released revised version has even more lies in it than before.

This blatant use of propaganda shows the danger of those with warped conservative views working in positions of political power.

The abortion book required in Texas is laden with fear-mongering language and fraudulent claims. Here are three of the most notable and blatant lies that are not supported by evidence.

Lie 1: Abortion Causes Infertility

According to the Mayo Clinic, the odds of abortions affecting future pregnancies are very rare. That fact didn’t stop the government of Texas from forcing women to learn otherwise.

Nurses do question pregnant women as to whether they’ve had abortions, but difficulties are mostly caused from non-professional abortions, which can damage the patient.

Evidence shows that abortions performed in the first nine weeks of pregnancy are perfectly safe options for women who need them.

Lie 2: Abortion Causes Cancer

As one of the most frightening buzzwords in modern society, the word cancer elicits a dreadful reaction from pretty much everyone. In the case of abortions, the claims are 100 percent false.

Unlike the government of Texas, most professionals rely on research and proven facts before printing them as lessons in mandatory literature.

One institute that conducts such research, The National Cancer Institute, concluded that there is no evidence whatsoever that abortions lead to cancer.

Lie 3: Abortion Leads to Mental Problems

For those who rely on truth and facts, it’s not hard to find evidence that abortion does not cause mental issues.

The American Psychological Association (APA), an institute that regularly conducts research on any and all mental health ailments, stated that there is no link between abortion and mental problems.

Rather than make assumptions like Texas, the APA employed a specific task force to thoroughly inspect the relationship between abortion and mental health.

Again, the false claim that abortion leads to depression and other psychological problems is a piece of propaganda printed by the government of Texas.

In 2016, it is Vital to Question All Sources

Propaganda is not a new technique. Lies have been used to control unwary people for centuries.

In the internet age, the scope of that control can be wider than ever, as a well-written lie can reach millions of people in an instant. In any written material, it’s absolutely necessary to ensure that it comes from factual sources who are responsible for objectively conducting research.

Unfortunately in 2016, conservative governments like Texas are no longer among those reliable sources.

Watch this clip of Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards talk at a Don’t Mess With Texas Women rally:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video