WATCH Michelle Obama Adorably Respond To Children About Running For President (VIDEO)

President Obama and First Lady, Michelle Obama gleefully answer questions from these adorable children interviewers. Their questions, singing, and dancing is brought to the Obamas via a tablet to which they respond to the questions asked, on camera.

You watch the First Family chuckle and strain to answer the whimsies of little questions from tiny little humans, including a raving rendition of the “La La La” song.

The young, eight-year-old Abalon came on the screen and asked if Mrs. Obama would be running for president in four or eight years. The POTUS chuckled stating that the question sounded prompted and Mrs.Obama smiled stating:

“No, I’m not gonna run for president, but what I want to make sure you do is that you go to school, you get good grades, because we’re looking to you to possibly be a president one day, too. But you can’t do that if you don’t study and do your homework and listen to your parents. But we’re out.”

People all over the country fell in love with Michelle Obama all over again when she took the stage at several campaign events for former Secretary, Hillary Clinton this election season. Everyone in the country keeps pressing the issue but Mrs. Obama stands firm on the fact that she is not interested in the least at running for president in four years. We can only sit back and hope that she changes her mind.

Watch this response and others including the First Lady and the President commenting on who is the funnier one.

It is adorable in every way.

Featured Image Via The Obama Diary

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