Facebook Post: Allen West Wants To ‘Exterminate’ Muslims

A disgraced former Army lieutenant colonel, Allen West posted a meme on his Facebook page, stating that President-elect Donald Trump elected Gen. James Mattis to his defense secretary cabinet so that Mattis can “exterminate Muslims.”

Noticing that Allen West was receiving flack from posting this meme, he took it down after it was shared by at least 10,000 people on Facebook.

Photo Via Buzzfeed/Facebook
Photo Via Buzzfeed/Facebook

West then tried to do some damage control by having Michelle Hickford login through his Facebook page to claim that she, nor West, posted the image. The editor-in-chief for West’s website, Hickford then called the meme “reprehensible.”

Who was the person who posted this meme on West’s Facebook page? No one knows. Hickford did mention that the meme does not reflect West’s principles and values.

Council on American-Islamic Relations Responds

The council called for West to be barred from serving the government, as he is a “well-known Islamophobe.” The board has mentioned that he is openly xenophobic, as anyone can ascertain from his Facebook posts insinuating that an elected general will be able to exterminate 1.6 billion people.

Allen West Is a Media Whore

This isn’t the first, and probably not the last time, that West has said something provocative just to lure in the media spotlight. In 2011, he likened a close adviser of Adolf Hitler to the Democratic Party. He even went ahead and attacked a Walmart employee, saying that Walmart was bending backward to accommodate Muslim demands. He was outraged that a Walmart worker refrained from selling alcohol to customers, with West citing the employee’s perceived religion. It was later determined that the employee was underage – barring him from selling alcohol to customers.

Your Muslim Registry Isn’t Happening, Either

American politicians tried – and failed – to build something akin to the Muslim registry proposed by Trump during the primaries. Not only that but the current day Trump has softened his tone about it. Regardless, the American people are at the ready to register themselves and dilute the power of this unconstitutional registry.


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