These Hilarious Ivanka Trump Boot Reviews Stick Her Right In The Politics

Even before Ivanka Trump’s father, President-elect Donald Trump, won a seat in the White House, women all over the world were putting away their wallets in protest when it came to Ivanka’s clothing line. It seems as if that protest is still in full effect.

Amazon reviews have been known to be caddie, funny, and often sarcastically passive aggressive and that is no different when it comes to the future First Daughter’s boot line. One reviewer stated:

“I feel particularly betrayed by Ivanka as a Trump surrogate. I expect more from a fellow woman and working mother. When I first saw the boots review, Nancy Sinatra’s tune ‘These Boots Are Made for Walking’ immediately popped into my head. Boots for stomping on the patriarchy! I am pretty sure Ivanka is beyond hope, but it would be nice if potential boot-buyers were made aware of their problematic purchase.”

Here are some of the most amazing reviews so far.

American Civil Liberties

Photo Via Amazon.

Very true, you get what you ask for.

The One Percent

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Girl, apparently you can be sued for just about everything when it comes to the Trump family.

Glass Ceilings

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Or maybe you can throw that “ill-fitting” boot right through that ceiling!

Hell Definitely Has Frozen Over

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Maybe look for some rain boots to combat the floods.

Grab Them By The…

Photo Via Amazon.

Sad that we have to think this way.

A Little Tight

Photo Via Amazon.

There will definitely be an influx in wine sales for the next four years.

If people keep their pockets in their purses, maybe the Trump’s won’t have such a conflict of interest, but then again, there are enough idiots out there to keep their bank accounts afloat.

Featured Image Via US Weekly.

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