White Supremacist Troll Does Richard Spencer’s Bidding – Harasses Jewish Community (VIDEO)

Richard Spencer, the ultimate online troll, is calling for his deplorable’s to attack the Jewish community of Whitefish, Montana.

The Daily Stormer, another haven for morally depraved white supremacists, put out a call on Friday for its readers to initiate a “troll storm” against Jewish residents due to some perceived attack on Spencer’s mother, Sherry Spencer.

Even though she has actively disavowed her son’s ideologies, they are still business partners with her son being co-owner of many properties.

On Friday, the Daily Stormer alleged that Sherry Spencer is being targeted by a group of “vicious, evil, hate filled” Jews. The Daily Stormer thinks that Jewish folk are inherently anti-white and represent the antithesis of their white identity.

The post apparently included phone numbers, photos, email addresses, and other sensitive information from a peace organization that supports community building free from discrimination. As morally backward people, the Daily Stormer called the organization a terrorist group.

The Southern Poverty Law Center calls Andrew Anglin, one of the Daily Stormer’s masterminds, “a prolific Internet troll and serial harasser.”

White Supremacists Think They Have A Backbone

The so-called ‘Alt Right,’ white nationalists including Richard Spencer, represent a growing but hollow threat of cucks that derive inspiration from old white nationalism coupled with cognitive dissonance.

Daily Stormer’s and other online communities that protect Spencer and his trolls have explicitly shown hatred towards Jewish people and people of color. It’s the same white nationalism that we’ve always seen and have always existed – there’s nothing inspiring about it.


Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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