Artists Tell Ivanka – ‘Get My Work Off Your Walls’ (PHOTOS)

In a normal world, artists would be thrilled to see their work displayed by a famous heiress. Of course, our world is no longer normal, and artists want to put as much distance between themselves and Ivanka Trump as possible.

‘Get My Work Off Your Walls’

Ivanka Trump is well-known for her art collection, as her many Instagram followers can attest. Her New York City apartment is the backdrop for many of her posts, and works by various artists adorn her walls.

And sometimes, she does somewhat curious things in front of her famous paintings for some Instagram love:

Shimmying my way into the weekend! #TGIF

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Now, a group of artists are working to disassociate themselves from Ivanka.

Halt Action Group (whose acronym is either an unfortunate oversight or a commentary on Ivanka), formed by several artists, is working to bring to light the many problems with her father’s administration. They worry about the branding that’s created by the association of Ivanka Trump and their art.

Bloomberg reports:

“The group has an Instagram feed in which they repost glossy stock images of Trump along with earnest appeals about what they foresee as the dire consequences of her father’s politics—topics addressed include global warming, universal health care, and contraception policy.”

HAG (I know, right?) reached out to many artists to see if they wanted to join, and some of the responses they received were less than friendly to Ivanka:

“Underneath a photo of Trump posing in front of a painting by Da Corte, the artist wrote: ‘Dear @Ivankatrump please get my work off of your walls. I am embarrassed to be seen with you.'”

For these artists, many of whose works sell for over $500,000 each, the free publicity they get from Ivanka Trump is simply not worth it.

Their manifesto can be read here:

Featured Image via screenshot from Ivanka Trump’s Instagram

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