An Angry Mob Of Trumpettes Are On The Rampage Over Ivanka Trump (VIDEO)

Several thousand people have jumped on the free speech bandwagon and are demanding that the Hunter College Professor who was removed from a JetBlue flight, alongside his husband, for verbally bashing President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter, Ivanka and her family, be fired immediately.

Details of what actually happened are a bit foggy since both sides have completely different angles but Dan Goldstein and Matt Lasner were removed from a JetBlue Flight after letting Ivanka Trump know exactly how they felt about her family. According to passengers Goldstein stated:

“Your father is ruining the country!”

JetBlue said that Goldstein was visibly agitated after the flight was held back due to security measures for the Trumps and they felt removing him and his husband from the flight was the best option.

Well now, if that wasn’t enough, Trumpettes think Goldstein’s showing of free speech against Ivanka is so disgusting he should be punished for it, including losing his associate professor position at Hunter College.

As of Wednesday 5,300 people had signed this petition but there has been no comment from the college or Lasner. Most likely, considering Goldstein is an attorney, it would not be easy for the college to let him go over this incident but stranger things have happened.

Watch out, not only are the Trump’s trying to ruin anyone who speaks out against them, now the Trumpettes are grabbing pitchforks and torches and chasing people down too.

Featured image via Axia Public Relations.

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