Former GOP Congressman Says UN Vote On Israel Proves President Obama Is A Muslim

Just when you thought Republicans could not possibly be more disgusting, they prove you wrong by attempting to kick a man as he’s on his way out the door.

On his pathetic excuse of a radio show Thursday, former Congressman Joe Walsh said this week’s vote in the United Nations on the issue of Israeli settlements–which the United States abstained from–proves conclusively that President Obama “hates Israel” and that the President “has always been” a Muslim at heart. Walsh then went on Twitter to spread his noxious lies:

But Walsh was far from finished. He just had to try and justify his previous tweets, proving that he knew what he was saying was complete bullshit:

Once again we see the GOP strategy for dealing with anyone they happen to disagree with: Attack your opponent personally and cast aspersions at them in an attempt to paint them as being less of a person than you are.

Joe Walsh is a disgusting human pustule and his radio show is one of many that seeks to gain ratings with hate speech and lies. Thank goodness karma is a real thing and catches up with everyone eventually.

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