Report: Bernie Sanders ‘America’ Ad Campaign Has People Hoping Again (VIDEO)

Research by Vanderbilt University shows that Senator Bernie Sanders’ “America” ad makes viewers feel good. A panel consisting of 1,000 people were asked to view several political ads, with analysis finding that “America” ranked the highest for making viewers feel hopeful and happy.

When it was initially released, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s director privately enjoyed the message in the video, getting emotional due to how effective the ad was at delivering its message of hard working America – achieving, together.

The video ad was released shortly before Sanders won New Hampshire, during the primaries against Clinton.

Why Is It Such A Feel Good Video?

Spotcheck noted that the video and musical lyrics made 80 percent of viewers feel at least a little bit happy and hopeful – this includes more than half of polled Republicans. When those surveyed were asked how often should the ad be played, the majority said that it should play as often as possible.

Republicans aren’t completely void of emotional depth – 51 percent of Republicans also felt positive emotions.

Sanders’ “America” ad is not an anomaly – his video ad campaigns have the most consistent impact. In April 2016, Ace Metrix metrics stacked Sander’s ads against other political opponents, with 7 of his ads being in the top 11.

Sander’s campaign has touched on issues that are in the minds of many Americans, regardless of their political affiliations. The ads have focused on the real issues stemming from social injustices, job stagnation, and exuberant medical insurance costs.

What’s Bernie Sanders Up To?

Sanders might not have been able to secure the presidency, but he is doing his best to cull the influence of the incoming administration. He has demanded Donald Trump not to privatize the Department of Veterans Affairs and to deliver his promises to reinforce social security, with it being on a trajectory path to dry up within the next couple of decades if concrete measures aren’t enacted soon.

Sanders is positioning the Democratic Party to rally against Trump and his administration.

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video

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