HORRIFYING 911 Call From Children: ‘Daddy, Why Are You Doing This?’ (VIDEO)

While in the middle of beating his wife, South Carolina politician, Chris Corley, pulled a gun and pointed it at himself, and all in front of his eight-year-old child.

A call to the authorities was made on Monday evening, and then released to the local media. Corley’s child could be heard in the background shouting:

“Just stop Daddy. Just stop…Daddy, why are you doing this?”

Corley, 36, coincidentally just completed his voting for stronger legislation punishments for domestic violence. It looks like Corley either was guilt voting or finally just snapped. According to his mother-in-law who placed a second call to the authorities:

“He beat his wife and he’s threatening to kill himself.”

Corley  told police that his wife had accused him of cheating and in an attempt to end the discussion he pushed her away. According to Corley she then began to attempt to strike him.

This politician is known in the community for flying his Confederate flag that he took down when nine black people were murdered in a church in Charleston. During debates over the controversial topics Corley has stated he thinks the Confederate flag should be replaced by the white flag of surrender.

He seems like a real stand up guy.

The two have three children but the incident was only witnessed by their eight-year-old. There has been no word as to whether the family will face any charges as far as child endangerment but Corley was released on a $20,000 bond.

He has been charged with first degree domestic violence and pointing a handgun at someone. If convicted, Corley could spend up to fifteen years in prison, a sentence, according to his prior vote,  that may not be tough enough for his charges.

If he goes back to his political position it will be interesting to see whether he changes his standpoint on domestic violence legislation.

Featured image via CBS.

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