Heartless Trump Demands Playset Be Removed From White House Grounds (VIDEO)

In 2009 President Barack Obama and the First Lady Michelle Obama painstakingly perused a plethora of choices for a play area that would be suitable, at first for their daughters Sasha and Malia, and later for children of those visiting the White House. The custom built play area became part of the White House just as Mrs. Obama’s vegetable garden, but after seven years of memories right outside the Oval Office President-elect Trump has dismissed it.

According to CBS White House correspondent Mark Knoller, President Obama offered the playset to Trump for his son Barron and his many small grandchildren to enjoy during Trump’s stay in Washington, but he told him he didn’t want it.

It is not a secret that Donald Trump plays a minuscule part in any kind of parenting to his children during their younger years so it could simply be that he has no realization that the kids would have fun. Or it could be that the classic style is just not gaudy enough for his taste.

Either way, to make sure the play set didn’t go to waste, President Obama had it taken down and donated to what the White House describes as a “local charity in need.” They wanted to make sure it got put to good use and is always remembered as one of the Obama’s many contributions to the White House that showed their love for children.

Now that the play set has been removed I am curious to find out what might go in its place. Could there be a flower garden or memorial planned for the empty space? Though that would be classy, if we know Trump the next four years in the Oval Office will offer a view of a giant gold statue of the Cheetos King himself.

I guess we will have to wait and see. Here’s some footage from Mrs. Obama’s last garden harvest.

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