D&G Happy To Dress Melania, And Instagram Shredded Them For It (VIDEO)

President-elect Donald Trump’s third wife Melania has created a stir in social media once again. This time, it is not because she is passing off another woman’s speech as her own. No; this time, it centers on the Dolce & Gabbana dress she wore on New Year’s Eve.

Stephen Gabbana posted a picture of Melania in the dress to Instagram:



The post from Gabbana himself has had hundreds of responses, both negative and positive. Many people praised the famous Italian fashion house Dolce & Gabbana for being ‘brave’ for supporting her, while others were taken aback by the praise and gushing towards Melania.

While some compared Melania to Eva Braun and Mussolini’s wife:

Image: Screenshot Via Instagram

And another user wrote this:

Image: Screenshot Via Instagram

It is astounding to see how many people praised Dolce & Gabbana for dressing Melania. Many social media accounts commented with terms such as “hateful liberals” and referred to the “brainwashed left.”

One user even said other designers had discriminated against Melania by refusing to dress her.

Some negative comments created quite a stir, and Gabbana himself asked those who implied he was a fascist for dressing her, to not buy his clothes anymore.

It has been reported by Liberal America before that many notable designers have refused to dress the incoming First lady. Tom Ford was polite in explaining why he won’t dress Melania, claiming it was based on his political persuasion and that she was not really his style.

It is also worth noting the level of online disrespect thrown towards Michelle Obama during her time as First Lady Of The United States. She has been called all sorts of racist and offensive slurs and has only responded with class and dignity.

Watch a report about the drama here:


Featured Image Via YouTube.