Top 11 Protest Signs From Inauguration Weekend (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Well, it really happened. Donald Trump is now officially the President of the United States. There are plenty of protests going on in Washington D.C. Here are some of the best protest signs:

1. This Really Says It All

He is probably all of us today.

“Not usually a sign guy, but geez.”


2. Historical Lessons

Here is a historical fact we all need to remember,

“A religious registry led to the Third Reich, so please reason with your queen, oh Big Daddy Mike.”


3. A Small But Powerful Message

We have to keep reminding ourselves of this,

“Hate is not a political view.”


4. A Great Sign In The Crowd

Image via YouTube screenshot

I spotted this great sign while watching the Women’s March on Saturday.

“Grow a vagina. Those things can take a pounding.”


5. Climate Change

Image via YouTube screenshot

Trump’s words are already coming back to bite him in the butt. He talked about American carnage, but he doesn’t care about the climate carnage we are facing.


6. My Favorite

That is one tiny banana.


7. Cutest Protester

A dog protesting in favor of LGBT rights? What could be more awesome than that?


8. This Is Powerful

This beautiful girl has a great lesson for our new President. Be kind.


9. Mean Girls And A Uterus

This is absolutely perfect. Let’s keep Republicans out of our uterus’s.


10. Messages On Pads

Women are putting their messages on maxi pads and putting them out. That is a great way to send a strong message.


11. Yes!

Let’s hope Trump doesn’t take us back to these decades.


Featured image via Twitter.

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