Insecure Trump Tried To Get National Park Service To Lie About Crowd Size At Inauguration

Donald Trump just cannot accept the fact that his inauguration was the most poorly attended in modern history, and he seems obsessed with attempting to find something–anything!–that will prove his pathetic point.

As with all things Trump, when you cannot prove your hypothesis, lie. Or try to get someone else to lie for you. In this case, the National Park Service.

The Washington Post reports that Trump called National Park Service director Michael Reynolds on Saturday to request new aerial photographs of the crowd during the inauguration. Trump was under the badly deluded belief that existing photos were inaccurate and there could potentially be others that would back up his lies such as the one he told at CIA headquarters:

“I get up this morning and I turn on one of the networks and they show an empty field. I said wait a minute, I made a speech, I looked out, the field was, it looked like a million, a million and a half people … it went all the way back to the Washington Monument.”

Eventually, the National Park Service did give Trump more photos, but those too showed that nowhere near 1.5 million people had attended the alleged head of state’s wildly estimates.

Trump then sent out Sean Spicer, his perpetually confused press secretary, to defend the size of the crowd, but a day later Spicer had to walk back most his comments when it became obvious that he, like Trump, had been lying through his deluded teeth.

Further enraging Trump was the fact that over the weekend more people came for the Women’s March on Washington than had been present for the inauguration.

For Trump, it’s always about size, isn’t it? And considering that his fingers are so tiny, one can surmise that Trump has reason to feel so inferior.

Featured Image Via CBS News