Here’s A New Twist – The Recent Ban On Muslims Is Obama’s Fault (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump has recently tried to justify his blatant discrimination against Muslims by saying that he is simply building on the immigration policies of former president Barack Obama. This statement is wildly and deliberately misleading.

As reported by USA Today:

“The Obama administration’s actions were limited to one country and in response to a specific threat — the potential for other Iraqi refugees to take advantage of a flaw in the screening process.

By contrast, Trump ordered a far wider ban — albeit also temporary — without identifying a specific threat.”

Barack Obama’s spokesman, Kevin Lewis, told the press Monday that former president Obama is standing by his previous statement that banning individuals based on religious affiliation is fundamentally wrong. Obama further praised the public outcry and the peaceful protests that have resulted from the ban.

Trump’s attempt to once again compare himself to Obama has caused major backlash. The Trump administration did not waste time blaming Obama for the obscene daily incompetence coming out of the White House on a daily basis. The American people will not sit by quietly while Donald Trump continues to lie and bully his way into oblivion.

The irony of this ongoing fiasco is that suddenly republicans are completely on board with the fictional policy from the Obama Administration. Those of us who are able to recall the presidency of Barack Obama can are well aware that the GOP would NEVER implement an Obama policy. Trump has spent his presidency so far taking steps to wipe out any and all signs of Obama’s legacy in the White House. Why would any reasonable person accept this new rationale as fact?

One thing is becoming abundantly clear. The audacity of the Trump Administration and its supporters to blatantly lie really knows no bounds. Even when they are called out for their “alternative facts” they shamelessly stick with it.

Featured image via screenshot from YouTube video

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