Top 6 Ways To Stay Optimistic In The Era Of Trump (VIDEO)

Just two weeks ago, America made a huge orange blunder by swearing in President Donald Trump. His inauguration sparked many protests and caused a lot of division in this country. If you are having a hard time, here are a few ways to stay positive during this tumultuous era:

1. If You’re Going To Debate, Do It Wisely

Political debates rarely go well, but be careful if you are going to engage people. Don’t debate with someone who won’t listen. The rabid Trump supporters are just going to go along with everything he says.

2. Read Some Fiction

Get involved in a great story. It’s a great way to escape your woes. If you don’t read, then start. If you do read, maybe try a different genre. Go a bit out of your comfort zone and try something new.

3. Do Something To Make You Feel Like A Kid

Go outside and blow bubbles. Get ice cream with sprinkles. Go play with your dog.

4. Take Action When You Can

Get involved with something in your community. Pick a pet cause and get yourself out there. If you are financially able to, then you can donate to your favorite cause.

5. Gratitude

Make a list every day. What are you grateful for? Keep reminding yourself of that. It doesn’t have to be¬†very specific. It doesn’t have to be anything huge. It can be little things that you use or do every day that you are grateful for.

6. Call Your Representatives

If you have issues you are concerned about call your representatives (local, state, and/or federal). They may or may not help, but it will make you feel better to air out your grievances.

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