Kaine Says Trump Is Acting ‘Foolish’ (TWEETS/VIDEO)

Fulfilling his campaign promise to make America white again, President Donald Trump signed off on some executive orders that may have prevented his own mother and wife, Melania, from entering the United States. He also showed his true identity, which is that of a fascist bully, when dealing with some of our allies.

Trump had a phone call with Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull this past Saturday to discuss a refugee deal. Inside sources said the exchange was heated and he tweeted about it four days later.

In a recent interview on CNN’s New Day, Chris Cuomo asked Senator Tim Kaine why the Australian refugee deal was made in the first place. Kaine was quick to point out that Trump is entitled to his opinion, but also said:

“To have a contentious conversation and name-call a country or the Prime minister of a country that’s one of our greatest allies in Asia is foolish.”

Trump has apparently forgotten about all of the white mass shooters over the years, because he suggested one of those immigrants could be the next “Boston Bomber.”

Recent reports emerged showing that this wasn’t the only nasty exchange between Trump and another country. The Associated Press was told of a conversation between Mexican President, Enrique Pena Nieto, and Trump that didn’t go so well.

While the tone of that phone call is now being disputed, Kaine pointed out the need for diplomacy by saying:

“To suggest to the President of Mexico we may have to send US troops into Mexico is foolish. Some of the statements that the President is making about Iraq and Iran are foolish.”

This is the Iraq and Iran comment Kaine is referring to:

Trump likes to throw caution to the wind, though. He doesn’t feel the need for diplomacy and even said:

“We have to be tough. It’s time we’re going to be a little tough, folks. We’re taken advantage of by every nation in the world virtually. It’s not going to happen anymore. It’s not going to happen anymore.”

Indeed Trump does need to start acting in a much more diplomatic manner. Perhaps he needs to realize this isn’t the Apprentice or a comedy club. It’s a real job that needs a man, not a man-child. To sum it up, Kaine said:

“He’s doing kind of amateur-hour stuff on matters of significant national importance.”

Watch this video about White House aides comparing Trump to a spoiled child.

Feature Image: Screenshot via Twitter.