Controversial Der Spiegel Cover Art Sparks Worldwide Discussion (TWEETS)

Cover Art by artist Edel Rodriguez for Der Spiegel Magazine in Germany

Der Spiegel magazine has everyone talking about their controversial new cover art this week. The illustration by Edel Rodriguez depicts President Donald Trump triumphantly holding the severed head of the Statue of Liberty in one hand, a knife in the other. As blood runs from the statue’s neck, the caption below declares in all caps, “AMERICA FIRST”.

While other publications have featured cover images denouncing Trump, none of them have gotten this much attention or controversy. Since it was originally published, the image has been used for protest signs around the world. It has also been re tweeted thousands of times.

Not all of the feedback has been positive. Some German press officials have criticized the work, raising concerns that it may play into Trump’s hands by proving that the media is, indeed, out to get him. Others are offended by the gruesome nature of the illustration, saying that the imagery is simply too extreme.

Edel Rodriguez immigrated from Cuba as a child and draws inspiration from the cultural displacement he experienced. He uses his art to support a variety of causes like feminism and journalistic freedom. Lately his work has become a powerful symbol of the resistance against Trump’s administration.

In an interview with the Washington Post, Rodriguez said this about his latest cover piece:

“It’s a beheading of democracy, a beheading of a sacred symbol…And clearly, lately, what’s associated with beheadings is ISIS, so there’s a comparison…Both sides are extremists, so I’m just making a comparison between them.”

Based in Hamburg, Germany, Der Spiegel covers world news and politics for an international audience. The news magazine has a lot to say about the Trump administration and has published articles on many of his controversial decisions.

In a recent editorial, Klaus Brinkbäumer warned of the international consequences of a Trump presidency, saying:

“With his style of rule — his decrees, his appointments and his firings — he is dividing Washington and the rest of the country. Our cover story this week, which will be published in English on Monday, describes how Trump’s inner circle works and how insecurity has grown among government officials.”

Political turmoil presents artists with opportunities to change the world through their work. In the case of Trump’s presidency, artists everywhere are taking these opportunities very seriously.


Featured image from Twitter.