Trump Never Had A Pet To Love Him – He Doesn’t Care About Yours Either (TWEETS/VIDEO)

President Donald Trump doesn’t care if animal breeders resort to extreme measures. He also once suggested that it was a waste of money to regulate pet food, even though not doing so could result in deaths.

Covering Up Animal Abuse

Animal lovers tend to avoid supporting breeders who abuse animals. There are far too many occurrences of females constantly being bred until they eventually die, animals being kept in tight cages, and people inflicting physical pain on them out of anger.

The federal Animal Welfare Act and House Protection Act was used to determine places that abused animals. The United States Department of Agriculture decided the public doesn’t need that information, so they removed public access last week.

Organizations like The Humane Society can still find out about these places, but not nearly as quickly. Getting that information could take years through the Freedom of Information Act.

Poisonous Pet Food

In the eyes of Trump, it’s a waste of money to make sure your pet’s food won’t make them die. That’s not an exaggerated statement, either.

The Food and Drug Administration regulates human and pet food. In just one year, they recalled 23 different types of pet food because it was deemed harmful. Out of those 23, 11 were yanked off of the shelf.

That means that by the time you had already fed it to your pet, it was too late.

The Trump campaign once suggested we cut back on regulating food safety, saying:

“The FDA Food Police, which dictate how the federal government expects farmers to produce fruits and vegetables and even dictates the nutritional content of dog food.”

Future Outlook

So what does this all mean? It means that we are dealing with an egomaniac who only sees dollar signs. Then again, we’re also dealing with a man who has apparently never had a pet.

He should have some empathy for animals, though. Seeing as how he’s Vladimir Putin’s pet.

Watch this video of Trump being attacked by a bald eagle.

Feature Image Source: Screenshot Via Twitter