Flynn Resigns Under Cloud Of Suspicion So Trump Tweets The ‘Real Story’ Is ‘Illegal Leaks’

Even though the biggest story since the election of Donald Trump is still fresh in everyone’s minds, the alleged president tried to pretend that things were just fine and change the topic earlier this morning as the entire world began wondering: Who else in the Trump administration could also be a puppet of the Russians?

Monday evening, National Security Adviser Michael Flynn resigned under a growing cloud of suspicion which could wind up consuming the Trump team before it even gets started. But Trump decided to tweet out this nonsense Tuesday morning:

Damn, Donald, you are one dense Cheeto. Leaks are part of Washington and happen to every administration, both Democratic and Republican. But here you are trying to change the focus. Others noticed, also. And now it is the basic party line from both Republicans and the propaganda ministry, i.e. Fox News:

Yep, gotta be the fault of the media, because there’s just no way the Russians could have moles inside the White House. Talk about fake news, but Trump and Fox wrote the book on lies disseminated via television and social media.

Oh, and such a nice touch to raise the specter of North Korea, even though we have photographic proof that Trump and his advisers looked at classified information on an open veranda at Mar-a-Lago shortly after the North Koreans fired off a ballistic missile. People without top secret clearances were seen holding their cell phones close enough to take pictures of the classified data. If anyone leaks state secrets to North Korea or anyone else, how much do you want to bet the leak comes from someone close to Trump?

There is more to this story than just Flynn. Much more. And in the days and weeks ahead, we will learn more about the liars who populate the Trump team and have sold their souls to foreign countries in exchange for power and money.

So keep tweeting, Donnie. But the walls are closing in on you.

h/t Mediaite

Featured Image Via the BBC