Russia Deploys Cruise Missile While Trump Whines About White House Leaks (TWEET/VIDEO)

Additional countries are beginning to test limits with this administration. Is anyone really surprised that Russia is now flexing its muscles considering the pansy in the White House?

As CNBC reports:

“Russia has secretly deployed a missile that American officials argue violates a key arms treaty, presenting a new foreign policy test for President Donald TrumpThe New York Times reported Tuesday, citing administration officials.

The development would pose another diplomatic challenge for the president in the early days of his administration. Trump has pledged to improve relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin.”

In the midst of multiple security issues, our country is being tested. Sharks smell blood in the water, and other countries know that President Donald Trump is really a scared, insecure child.

As is the routine of his incredibly inappropriate tweets, Donnie decides to address the mounting issues as only he would.

This is not an isolated issue. Donald Trump is aware of the actions taken by Russia in the past.

The Hill:

“The United States previously publicly accused Russia of violating the INF Treaty by flight-testing the banned missiles in 2014. The treaty bans ground-launched ballistic and cruise missiles with ranges between 500 and 5,500 kilometers.

Since then, Russia has moved ahead with the program. The country also deployed a battalion to somewhere within Russia in December, the Times reported, citing unnamed administration officials.”

Zerohedge reported today:

“Before he left his post last year as the NATO commander and retired from the military, Gen. Philip M. Breedlove warned that deployment of the cruise missile would be a militarily significant development that ‘can’t go unanswered.’

Additionally, the deployment of the missile – which may well be defensive in light of the recent build up of NATO forces on Russia’s borders – could also ‘increase the military threat to NATO nations, which potentially would be one of the principal targets’, and lead to an even bigger build up of NATO forces around Russia, and so on.”

Donald has such a hard-on for Putin that he is surely putting the country at risk. Saturday Night Live summed up the American sentiment perfectly during their “People’s Court” skit. Watch it now:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via YouTube Video.

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