Trump’s Idea Of A ‘Finely-Tuned Machine’ Is Breaking Down Bigly (TWEETS)

In this week’s episode of, “America: Final Season,” our male lead, President Donald Trump, has once again rallied his forces to aid him in his ever-present struggle with the Overlord Constitution. The grievance he tackles this week? The First Amendment.

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

Trump’s forces (AKA: his Twitter feed) have held steadfast to the notion of “fake news” splattered with anonymous sources and unidentifiable leaks, screaming the idea of fake news while his entire administration sinks faster than Jack Dawson at the end of Titanic.

But while his entire platform is being crushed by the weight of his hypocrisy, we are shielded from it because of the reality television show that our government has become. People rallied against Hillary for being in Wall Street’s pocket, and yet Trump is fiddling with Dodd-Frank quicker than a toddler fiddles with a light socket. People rallied against Clinton because they believed no foreign government would respect her, yet the leaders of our own allies are openly mocking Trump due to the outlandish caricature he has painted within our government system.

But now, his hypocrisy is on display.

Here is where we realize that our leading male is not the protagonist, but the antagonist.

Screaming about fake news sources because of their anonymous sources mean that, in order to be credible, one’s sources need to be recognized. Fine.

But this tweet, made by our leading male himself, sheds light onto why sources choose to stay anonymous.

The First Amendment protects the freedom of our press from the influence of our government. But, this tweet accurately sums up why those who leak choose to stay anonymous: because being a whistleblower of governmental controversy gains you a very dissecting spotlight.

The hypocrisy? Being butt-hurt by a self-imposed definition of fake news, and then extolling the use of spotlights and name-calling once the source is confirmed as accurate.

This is a very aggressive tweet from a man who has openly stated that utilizing torture is a viable way to obtain information. This vengeance-filled tweet comes from a man that uses openly-displayed tactics to establish his dominance over others with a mere shake of someone’s hand.

If I were a source reporting on the Trump administration, I would stay anonymous as well.

President Trump, anonymous is not synonymous with “fake.”  Anonymous is synonymous with “protection.”

We see what you are trying to do. We see the dodging. We see the smoke-screen tactics you are utilizing. We see you attempting to cover up something that makes you nervous with a trigger-topic to keep the country occupied.

The answer to your question, President Trump, is yes. So long as there is mishandling of our government, its Constitution, and the very foundation that we have attempted to form for our nation, there will always be people there to out any and all administrations for the irregularities and hypocrisies that exist in order to find the truth.

That is, until your forces do it themselves.

And by forces, I mean your Twitter feed.

(Has anyone told him that the U.S. Senate votes on his Cabinet choices? Has he been advised that the Republican Party holds the U.S. Senate majority?)

And for those that will be the first to point out that every Presidential administration has hypocrisies, I urge you to ask yourself one question:

Do any of those hypocrisies somehow dampen Trump’s?

A worse lie does not dampen the effect of a lie previously told.  Someone’s really bad doesn’t automatically make your bad any less bad.

If the standard for which you hold our President is the fact that others before him did just as many bad things as well, then I reroute you to the First Amendment, and part of the reason why it exists.

To hold people accountable.

We see you, President Trump, and we will hold you accountable.


Featured image courtesy of CNN Politics.