(Not My) President’s Day Marches Scouring The Nation (TWEETS)

Tensions are mounting all across the country as President’s Day approaches. Why? Because across our dear nation, “(Not My) President’s Day” marches for Donald Trump’s impeachment are being scheduled.

Everywhere from California to Colorado have rallies and events that people are signing up for, and they are taking to the streets in a peaceful protest against a president that they say is “literally” their president, but stands for absolutely nothing they believe.

Today, there are protests scheduled in Chicago and Salem, Oregon, with tomorrow bringing rallies all the way to D.C. and Denver.

Thousands came together yesterday in Los Angeles to protest President Trump’s hold over this country, right at the site of the largest Anti-Trump Women’s March. Signs protesting everything from the border wall all the way to resisting the hate that seems to be flooding Trump’s administration were seen being waved as masses of people gathered in support of one common goal.

But that isn’t all, ladies and gentlemen. There are a growing number of voices calling for Trump’s impeachment, and one of those voices is former Republican Ohio Court of Appeals Judge Mark P. Painter.

There are only three presidents in our history that have ever had impeachment brought against them, and two of them, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, stayed in office after the U.S. Senate acquitted them of charges. Richard Nixon got the heck out of town before the House voted on the impeachment articles recommended by their Judiciary Committee, and if things continue going in the direction that they are, Trump’s name will be added to this list.

Many will argue that there is no proof Trump has done anything impeachable. After all, the definition of impeachment surrounds the idea of treason, bribery, and other higher charges, and is only a first step in removing someone from office.

Investigations will have to mount and take place before any sort of action is taken against our leathery-orange purse President, and it could be months before we see anything come of this type of action.

Here is the importance of these rallies: having our voices heard. Contrary to popular belief, this is not our government’s country. It is ours. And when the people of a specific country feel as if they have been trampled on, they have the right to rise and have their voices be heard.

Are you listening, Trump? Because we are screaming.

And so long as you continue down the path that you are taking, we will continue screaming.

The issue isn’t with your gender, and the issue isn’t with your party affiliation. The issue isn’t with your experience, and it even isn’t with your toupee.

The issue, President Trump, is what you perceive our country to be versus what it actually is.

And we will not let you twist our legacy any longer.

Featured image courtesy of Before It’s News.