Idiotic Trump Supporter Says Donald’s Fans Understood Sweden Remark Because They Watch Fox News

Apparently it doesn’t matter how incorrect, inconsistent, or downright false the statements Donald Trump makes because his moronic acolytes are willing to believe whatever the alleged president says.

Over the weekend, Trump told a crowd of supporters in Florida that a terrorist attack had just taken place in Sweden, even though that was completely untrue. Trump later said he’d seen a report about Sweden on Fox News which mentioned the problems they were having with Muslim immigrants.

And now we have CNN commentator and resident Trump ass kisser Kayleigh McEnany arguing that the fact Trump lied is no big deal because his supporters believed him. McEnany also tried to make it sound as if Sweden was some sort of dystopian Mad Max world of random violence:

“There is a case to be made that there is some sort of link between the refugee entry into Sweden and the rise in crime. Look, some people might dispute that and say it’s linked to changes in Swedish laws, but there has been an increase in violence.”

Then the Trump surrogate claimed the increase of terrorism in Germany can be directly linked to immigration:

“He has a case to be made, and I understand the way he structured his sentence might have not made it clear to some — but it was clear to others. I was at the rally, actually, and the person next to me said, ‘Oh, he’s talking about something that happened last night on Fox News.’ So, to some people it was clear, to others, it was not.”

But the bottom line is that no matter how you slice it, Kayleigh, it was a lie! And yet the douchenozzle who told the lie has the nerve to complain about “fake news” when he disagrees with a report?

McEnany also said that immigration in Sweden has led to an increase in rape and other violent assaults, but offered no proof of her allegation:

“There are incidences, and whether it’s happening on this mass scale or not, we should all be enraged because one incident is too many.”

In other words, if one rape is committed by an immigrant, that means all immigrants are rapists? By that same logic, when Donald Trump says he likes to grab women by the genitals, we should just assume that everyone involved in real estate is fond of committing sexual assault.

Kayleigh, you and your fellow Trump worshipers need to stop trying to defend the indefensible shit this unhinged liar says on a daily basis. There is no defense for this man or the words he uses, and there never will be.

Here’s McEnany being a good Nazi and defending the Cheeto Hitler:

Featured Image Via CNN Screengrab