Trump Inspires A New Generation Of Women – Opposing Him (IMAGES)

Here is the truth of every matter: there are always two sides to the story. With all that Trump has done just in his first month of office, there has been a lot of fear and anger going around.

However, there is always good that comes from a situation like this.

President Trump has mobilized women in a way that Hillary Clinton never would have. Women who have no political background, or have no interest in knowing more about politics than they did, are suddenly the ones taking to the streets and marching with signs over their heads. They are casting aside their petty differences and marching alongside that person whose lifestyle they might not agree with in a valiant effort to show their disdain for Trump and his administration.

Those busy schoolteachers have now become activists. Those stay-at-home mothers have now become traveling protesters, voicing their opinion in an effort to provide a better and more stable environment for the future of their children’s lives. Those once silent and complacent about politics, economics, and the environment are now researching and educating themselves in order to have an educated stance on our current state of affairs.

Now, more than ever, people are concerned with the fight for women’s rights.

Via screenshot from Google Trends

Now, more people are concerned with educating themselves about Planned Parenthood since August 2015.

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Now, more than ever, there is a positive, consistent upward trend with people wanting the facts on how our governmental system actually works.

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What is that saying? The enemy of my enemy is my friend?

Well, the person by your side might not be your enemy, but you are united under one common goal: educating yourself so that you can be involved.

Do you know who this spells trouble for in 2020?


Because then, there will be an entire generation of educated young adults that will be old enough to vote. Then, there will be an uprising of women at the ready to personally escort this man out of office. Then, there will be a competent generation of people who will have seen through the propagandist rhetoric that is Trump’s speeches, and they will understand why someone like him is as destructive as they are.

Fear keeps people from stepping out, but education keeps people enlightened.

You will be held accountable, Trump.


Featured image courtesy of the Laura Flanders Show/Twitter