WATCH Tucker Carlson Lose His Cool When Bill Nye Schools Him On Climate Change

Conservatives hate science, especially when it refuses to confirm their biases on issues they would rather not talk about in the first place.

That dynamic was in evidence Monday evening on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show. Carlson’s guest was “Science Guy” Bill Nye, and Carlson began by asking Nye why in the world people shouldn’t be skeptical of climate change. To that, Nye replied:

“Climate change denial is denial.

“The evidence for climate change is overwhelming. So we’re looking for an explanation for why you guys are having so much trouble with this.”

Damn! Now that’s how you debunk the BS right-wingers love to spew.

Carlson tried to recover by conceding:

“I think most people are open to the idea of climate change. The core question, from what I can determine, is why the change?”

The Fox News host added he’d like Nye and other scientists to establish a “degree” to which climate change can be blamed on human activity. And that’s when Nye completely humiliated Carlson, telling him:

“So the word ‘degree’ is a word that you chose. But the speed that climate change is happening is caused by humans. Instead of happening on time scales of millions of years, or let’s say, 15,000 years, it’s happening on a time scale of decades. And now years.”

The rest of the interview consisted of Carlson asking Nye questions and interrupting him before he could respond. This led Nye to hold up his cell phone and tell Carlson:

“This is how long it takes you to interrupt me. It takes you quite a bit less than six seconds.”

When Nye again attempted to present the scientific evidence for climate change being linked to human activity, Carlson snapped:

“So much of this you don’t know. You pretend that you know, but you don’t know, and you bully people who ask questions. I’m open-minded, you are not.”

Classic conservative deflection. It’s akin to the old schoolyard taunt, “I know you are, but what am I?” Nye ate Carlson’s lunch and made him look like a fool. No wonder right-wing douchebags hate facts so much.

Featured Image Via Fox News Screengrab