This New Trump Book By Alec Baldwin And Kurt Anderson Is EPIC (VIDEO)

In all of it’s satirical glory, Alec Baldwin and Kurt Anderson are teaming up to write “You Can’t Spell America Without Me: The Really Tremendous Inside Story of My Fantastic First Year as President Donald J. Trump.”

Baldwin will be the voice of President Trump in the audio version of the book.

Anderson, the founding editor of the satirical Spy magazine, host of the public radio show “Studio 360,” and novelist, says that he will do more to the book than just comical skits. Anderson stated:

“I think we’ll be channeling and amplifying the real Trump. Writing for a five- or 10-minute sketch is different than writing a book, which has to be a narrative.”

But this won’t be Anderson’s first time putting Trump over the fire. Spy magazine, popular in the 80’s was the first publication to coin the phrase “short-fingered vulgarian,” when speaking about the, then, real-estate mogul.

As far as Baldwin is concerned, he is more than happy to stay away from the actual writing and, instead, focus on bringing the character to life for the listener in the audio version. Baldwin told The Times in an email that:

“I think it’s fair to say that Kurt will do most of the writing. We have that arrangement whereby he doesn’t put on the wig, I don’t open up a Word document.”

This will be one of several major satire released regarding Trump and his life since he began his venture on the campaign trail. Other books written include Howard Jacobson’s novella entitled “Pussy,” Andrew Schaffer’s “The Day of the Donald,” and Michael Ian Black’s “A Child’s First Book Of Trump.”

As far as Baldwin and Anderson’s novel, it will be released in November. The question truly should be which will sell more copies, the written version, or Baldwin’s surely award winning audio version?

Featured image via EOnline.

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