The Plot Thickens – Is Putin Getting Rid Of Evidence Of Russia Scandal? (VIDEO)

The Mystery

Controversy continues to swirl around President Trump and his connections to Russia’s power elite. Did the Trump team collude with the Russians during the campaign? Did the Russian’s help Trump to get elected?

As the US government struggles to figure out who to investigate, how to investigate them and what to tell the public, something strange is also going on with the Russians.

Since the election in November, seven Russian officials, some with connections to the US, have died under sudden mysterious circumstances.

The Deaths

The first unexpected death happened on Nov.8, the day of the American election. The body of Sergei Krivov, the consular duty commander, was found with a serious head wound on the floor of the Russian consulate in New York. At first the police called it “blunt force trauma,” saying he had fallen out of a window. But the story was later changed to “death by heart attack.”

A few weeks later, Petr Polshikov was found with a bullet in his head in his Moscow home. He was a senior Russian diplomat who worked on Latin American affairs. The only information released by Russian police was that the death was not linked to his work.

Only hours after Polshikov’s death, the Russian ambassador to Turkey was publicly assassinated at Ankara’s airport. While there is no evidence that the shootings were related, it’s striking that it was suddenly so dangerous to be a Russian official.

The very next month, January 2017, Russia saw the sudden death of Andrey Malanin, the head of the Russian consular department of the Russian embassy. Malanin was found dead at his apartment in Greece. While the death was supposedly of “natural causes,” the police continue to investigate.

But that’s not all. A few weeks later, another ambassador, Aleksander Kadakin, died unexpectedly at the Embassy in India. Again, the explanation was “natural causes.”

The most recent sudden death hit Russia’s UN Ambassador, Vitaly Churkin, who died suddenly in February. The cause of his unexpected death is listed as “sudden cardiac arrest.”

The Dossier

Perhaps the most controversial death took place in December, when Oleg Erovinkin was found dead in the back of his car in Moscow. Erovinkin was a former KGB General. He had served as liaison between President Putin and the Russian state owned oil company.

He was also named in the infamous “Golden Showers” dossier compiled by former British spy Christopher Steele. That dossier claimed that the Russians had been colluding with the Trump campaign for months.

There has been speculation in various Western media outlets that Erovinkin was killed because he may have been a source for some of the information in the dossier. No proof has been found for this theory, but it continues to be floated.

Now What?

We don’t know whether any of these deaths are linked. We don’t know why serving as a Russian official would suddenly put people at a high risk for heart attacks. There is currently no clear answer about why police thought that a man fell out of a window if he simply had a heart attack.

But it’s sure interesting to know that all of these people died without a single witness around them. It’s interesting to wonder how all these guys suddenly had heart attacks out of the blue.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.

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