As Trump Is Eaten Alive By Lies, Schools Close To Gear Up For Women’s March (VIDEO)

In President Donald Trump’s inauguration speech, he stated that he was going to take this country and give it back to the people. Yet, schools are closing in districts all across America as teachers take to the streets, protesting alongside their fellow women as they shout from the rafters.

What are they shouting?

That Trump lies.

March 8 is International Women’s Day. People are encouraged to wear red, withhold on purchasing goods unless they are purchasing it from a business run by a woman, and striking on this particular workday in order to go protest. School districts, such as Chapel Hill-Carrboro in North Carolina, have made the day a last minute teacher workday because they understand that they will be severely short-staffed.

They have stated that the expected absences will make it hard for them to provide essential services, such as food and transportation, and have decided to close down so as to not burden the children.

They have also stated that their closing is not an endorsement of the current demonstration.

Just a thought: maybe it should be.

Trump made a promise to this entire country that he was going to give this country back to its people, yet now, more than ever, people are taking to the streets and shouting against everything our current president stands for, calling him out on his hypocrisies, and shouting from the rafters that the only thing he is doing is lining the pockets of billionaires at the expense of running this country.

To truncate it: Trump lies.

Trump lied during his speech to Congress, Trump has lied about supposed terror attacks, and Trump has even lied about how massive of a margin he won by in the general election.

But the biggest lie he has told us thus far is the lie that sold many people on his election: that he would take this country and give it back to the people.

If you don’t believe it, take a look around: school districts are shutting their doors down for last minute teacher workdays so their staff can go protest. People in our country feel so robbed of basic things that they are abandoning their posts to make their voices heard.

Rates of protest have skyrocketed since Trump’s fateful win in the general election, but Trump is giving this country back to the people.

If you want to give this country back, stop lining the pockets of billionaires with every passing day. If you want to give this country back, start appointing people who have qualifications for their job. If you want to give this country back, start by understanding that more than rich, white men exist in it.

Or, people could start by understand the basic, simple truth of Trump.

He lies.

Let us all be reminded of last year’s International Women’s Day March as we gear up for one that will surely go down in history as the largest and most vocal one yet.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.