Michelle Obama Answers Tough Question: Did Your Husband Achieve ‘Hope’? (TWEETS, VIDEO)

Michelle Obama is classic. She has been subjected to criticism at every turn, from the look of her arms to the color of her skin. She has had to endure endless press releases on how her daughters looked and acted, all the while keeping her head high while people constantly criticized her weight after she revealed her focus on children’s health as FLOTUS.

And yet, this graceful woman, who has held her head high through even the toughest of criticisms, has offered her hand to helping Melania Trump.

She has stated that she understands the pains of adjusting to life as FLOTUS, and stated that she wanted to extend her knowledge over the last eight years to Melania, should she want it.

Melania has yet to respond to her offer.

But, in an interview with Oprah, Michelle is asked the most pertinent question available: Did Barack Obama achieve hope?

After all, that was his running platform. That was his selling point. That was the basis of both his initial election and his re-election.


And this is what Michelle had to say.

“Yes, I do. Because we feel the difference now. See, now we are feeling what not having hope feels like, you know. Hope is necessary. It is a necessary concept. What do you give your kids if you can’t give them hope?”

Michelle makes a powerful point. One of the best things you can give anyone you love is the concept of hope.

Hope is what allows you to see forward into the next day when the current one is swallowing you whole.

Hope is what enables you to plan for the future even though your present looks bleak.

Hope is what gives you the capacity to dream for a life that you might not feel is reachable today.

Right now, we are living in a time that doesn’t have hope. That comradery and unity that we were seeking for our nation has been ripped from us, and it gives us a frame of mind for the concept of hope and the legacy that Obama left behind.

Light isn’t light without darkness. Sweet isn’t sweet without sour. Sadness isn’t sadness without happiness. Something cannot be an option without a counterpart. If it doesn’t have a counterpart, it’s simply uncontested as our only choice.

Obama gave us hope. And, for many, it has taken dwelling in a time where hope no longer exists to realize exactly what he gave us.

Many are starting to regret their votes for Trump, feeling as if the hope he did give them (no matter how baffling that hope seemed) was falsified just to win.

Barack Obama successfully gave this country hope, and it is now seen as a hard-to-question truth as many begin to recant their choice for voting for Donald Trump.

Sometimes, it takes the opposite to bring to light the goodness of what you had before.

Take a look at this video to see Michelle Obama’s words to Oprah in this emotional moment on the subject of hope, her husband, and the time we are currently living in.



Featured image courtesy of Youtube video.