7 Things Women Do Daily To Avoid Harassment That Men Don’t Know About (VIDEO)

There are many things that women have to do or like to do every day to avoid being sexually or otherwise harassed. Here are just seven things that women do that men might not realize they do:

1. Keys In The Hand

Women often carry their keys in their hand as a “weapon” when walking alone at night. Walking alone at night can be very nerve-wracking for anyone, but I often feel it myself as a woman.

2. Telling Someone Where You Are

Sometimes if I’m uncomfortable or just if I’m out late at night, I will tell my family or someone where I am going. Many women feel uncomfortable being out and about by themselves at night.

3. Pretending To Be On The Phone

Yes, many women will pretend to be talking on a phone call or pretend to be texting. If someone is staring at them or if someone is making them uncomfortable, they can pretend to be on a phone call. I have done this myself just to avoid people I didn’t really want to talk to.

4. Calling A Friend When In A Cab Or Uber

Sometimes, getting into a taxi can be a bit unsettling. Taking a ride from a stranger can be unnerving. If you are uncomfortable, talking to a friend can help make you feel safer.

5. Keeping Your Drink Covered

When women are at a bar or a club, it is good practice for them to cover their drink and not to leave it unattended. It is easy for someone to slip something in the drink when you are not looking.

6. Giving Fake Names To Men

Sometimes, women are afraid to say no to men out of fear that they might get angry at the rejection. A lot of women will give men a fake name, number and/or a fake address.

7. Turning Your Headphones Off

Some women will turn their music on to avoid being in an awkward conversation. Others might turn off their music so they can tell if someone is following them.


Featured image by Michael via Flickr, available under Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

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