Sessions Seeking Resignation Of 46 Obama-Appointed US Attorneys (TWEET)

In an historically unprecedented move, Attorney General Sessions has called for the immediate resignation of 46 Obama-era U.S. attorneys.

The reasoning cites “transitional purposes,” ensuring a smooth exit from one presidential administration and a smooth entrance into another.

The call for resignations does not halt the work and prosecuting of the office, but the idea that there has been a need to call for their resignations brings up a powerful question: Why are they not resigning? If this is standard protocol (which, it clearly is), then why are they not resigning of their own accord?

The easiest answer is the fact that they are in the middle of pertinent investigations. Usually, when this transition takes place, the attorneys are allowed to stay on staff and finish their ongoing investigations before their successor is appointed, thereby mitigating any crises that might pop up by switching hands in the middle of a case.

However, this call for the immediate resignation of U.S. Attorneys comes in the wake of Sessions recusing himself from major investigations currently happening.

What are those investigations?

The Trump-Russia ties investigations.

Between recusing himself from the investigations and calling for the immediate resignation of 46 U.S. Attorneys, it looks, at best, unprofessional. However, at worst? It looks conspiratorial.

While Trump’s decision for Deputy Attorney General will continue to serve despite the resignations, this could potentially mean that everyone working alongside him in these major cases, like the investigation into the alleged Russian ties with the Trump administration, will suddenly switch over to people that Trump favors.


Featured image courtesy of Flickr/Gage Skidmore available under CC BY-SA 2.0.