Alec Baldwin Proves Why He Needs To Keep Trolling The Donald On ‘SNL’ (VIDEO)

One of the few things that has made Donald Trump’s so-called presidency bearable is seeing Alec Baldwin send him up–bigly–on “Saturday Night Live.” Earlier this week, Baldwin hinted that he may not keep it up for much longer, in part because Trump has been an even bigger monster in office than we could have expected. But on Saturday night, Baldwin proved why he needs to think about keeping his epic portrayal going.

Baldwin stopped by “Extra” to promote his upcoming movie, “The Boss Baby,” which is due to hit theaters on March 31. While chatting with host Mario Lopez, Baldwin hinted that he’s seriously considering ending his critically acclaimed impersonation of the Donald–in part because “the maliciousness of this White House” has been even worse than even the staunchest Trump critic could have feared. For that reason, he’s not sure “how much more people can take it.”

Just a few days later, Baldwin returned to Studio 8H for what may be one of his last performances as Trump. Watch here.

Sometime in 2018, aliens from the planet “Zorblatt 9” invaded Earth with a fleet of invisible ships. At a military base in an undisclosed location, the general of an Army unit, played by Kenan Thompson, rallied his troops before turning the podium over to “Trump.”

The “Commander-in-Chief” started his pep talk in typical fashion. He vowed that the aliens would be defeated because “we have the best military.” In the same breath, he claimed that “we don’t win anymore,” and the Zorblattians were mopping the floor with our troops. The general asked Trump for his view on how they should fend them off, considering that they had very advanced technology.

What did “Trump” suggest? Bringing back coal jobs. The general didn’t think that would do much good, considering that they had just wiped out California–prompting “Trump” to muse that he won the popular vote after all. He then wondered if the invaders were really from Zorblatt 9, since he’d heard it was “very beautiful, very fantastic.” That prompted one soldier to wonder if “Trump” had business interests on that planet.

Just then, the aliens stormed the base. The general pleaded with Trump for his advice, since by then the invaders had overrun most of the country. When the general said, “This is the aliens–and this is us!” Trump thought he was referring to the NBC show “This Is Us.” Trump harrumphed he wasn’t willing to watch because NBC has been “very unfair to me.”

Just then, a soldier reported that New York City had been attacked, and the Trump Hotel had been destroyed–but no lives were lost because no one was staying there. “Trump” didn’t believe it, since everyone loves to stay at his hotels. The alien siege continued, but “Trump” actually suggested that the aliens had been hiding among us for hundreds of years. He then claimed two soldiers were aliens in disguise. He was sure of it because he’d read it on Alex Jones’ Infowars.

As he was fumbling through an order to investigate the two “aliens,” the troops recited the Pledge of Allegiance before heading out–but “Trump” fumbled his way through it. The aliens rushed in and demanded to be taken to the leader–but when they discovered it was “Trump,” they realized it would be all too easy to overrun the planet.

We can understand why Baldwin is a little wary of parodying Trump. But the prospect of seeing him on our screens on “SNL” is one of the few things that will make the next year and a half–minimum–easier to take. Keep going, Alec–until Trump releases his returns.

(featured image: screenshot courtesy NBC)

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