Justin Trudeau Thumbs His Nose At Trump — Funds Reproductive Health Initiatives (VIDEO)

On International Woman’s Day, and in the wake of President Trump’s global gag rule, Canadian Prime Minister, and male feminist icon Justin Trudeau, pledged $650 million of the Canadian budget to fund a global health initiative targeting sexual and reproductive rights.

This money is not only a proverbial middle finger in the general direction of Trump but it is also an amazing step towards protecting women’s reproductive rights all over the world. The plan will not only provide important information such as sexual education and vital medical procedures to women but will also help to fight for abortion rights in some of the 125 different countries that have outlawed the procedure across the world. Canada’s International Development Minister, Marie-Claude Bibeau stated:

“Advocacy is included in our initiative, so yes, we will support local groups and international groups who advocate for women’s rights, including abortion.”

The global gag rule has been an off and on again bill since former President Ronald Reagan but Trump’s version of it removes funding for any organization providing, advising, or even educating on abortions. This gag rule extends so far out that Trump, is not only widening the funding to push against abortions, he is eliminating funding for organizations that even so much as mention abortions at all, leaving liberal organizations open to losing a lot of money, and women losing even more of their rights. Trudeau, however, was very clear in his plan stating:

“Like men, women should be able to choose when they want to start a family, how big their family should be, and who they want to start that family with. When women have equal power and equal weight and equal leadership influence, the kinds of decisions are better.”

This move is quite different from Canada’s previous conservative stance on women’s health issues and shows America, and the world, exactly what can be done under a stout democratic rule. Trudeau fights for the rights of women, children, and pretty much any human right that should be represented and our party system should be taking notes.

Prime Minister Trudeau’s statement to Canada on International Women’s Day:

Featured image via By Jean-Marc Carisse, CC BY 2.0.

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