Sarah Palin Thirsty For Spotlight: Denounces GOP Healthcare Plan As Socialism (TWEETS)

Recently spouting off about healthcare, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin lets the world know she isn’t quite ready to go away. Apparently, the spotlight must feel too good to step out of.

“Remember this is government-controlled health care, the system that requires enrollment in an unaffordable, unsustainable, unwanted, unconstitutional continuation of government-run medicine.”

Palin is the latest in a slew of political faces that have come forward to denounce TrumpCare. She even went so far as to label it the “RINO” plan (Republican In Name Only).

No matter the name you use to address it, here are the important bullet points:

  • Tax credits will be based on age, not income
  • Gets rid of Medicaid expansion in 2020
  • Protections for people with pre-existing conditions, but adds stipulations (exists within Obamacare)
  • Children can stay on parents’ plan until 26 (exists within Obamacare)
  • Dismantles individual mandate (the penalty paid for not having insurance), but replaces it with stiff penalties for those who don’t maintain continuous coverage (i.e.: if coverage lapses and they re-enroll, their premiums boost by 30% for an entire year)
  • Eliminates federal funding of Planned Parenthood (shocker)

“This is the closest we will ever get to repealing and replacing Obamacare. The time is here. The time is now.”

Ryan’s words sound less like a confident Republican and more like a teenager trying to negotiate with his parents on a later curfew. And even so, many Republicans still aren’t sold on this new healthcare bill.

I mean, for goodness sake, Trump won’t even put his name on it, and he puts his name on literally everything.

Healthcare is complicated. President Trump said so himself. No plan will be perfect, and no plan will suit everyone.

But, the absolute least they can do is stop demonizing the poor for being poor and help them despite the fact that they are poor.

Newsflash: phones make really good Christmas presents.


Featured image courtesy of Pixabay/Public Domain.