Trump’s Budget Coupled With Trumpcare Is A Clear And Present Danger To Millions Of Americans (TWEETS)

The GOP’s plan for replacing Obamacare was recently released and we learned that 24 million Americans will lose their coverage under this new plan. It has received scathing reviews from both sides of the isle and multiple organizations. It’s so bad that it is the only thing that President Trump does not want his name on. Most of the losses of healthcare will come from losing Medicaid for low income Americans. If you’re expecting reassurance from the White House, what you will find instead is bragging about putting American lives in jeopardy.

As CNN reported:

“Trump’s budget would cut off funding entirely for several agencies, including arts, public broadcasting and development groups, and also proposes steep cuts to agencies like the State Department and Environmental Protection Agency.”

Trump is cutting billions in funding to domestic spending in order to increase military spending by billions and to fund his wet dream wall. Trump defends this budget by claiming that it’s the only way that America will prosper.

The funding to the United Nations (U.N.) and foreign aid programs will be eliminated. The justification for this is that we need to focus on funding for America. Republicans do not care about starvation around the world. Trump and his minions want to rule on fear. Bullying is now the status quo in Washington. Reactions from the other side of the isle came swiftly.

Republicans have this Utopian dream for America which does not include poor people. They drip with disgust for low income people and are doing all they can to eliminate them from the financial equation. The newly announced budget is an assault on low income families unlike anything we’ve ever seen. When coupled with the proposed “healthcare” plan, it is clear that the GOP is declaring war on the most vulnerable in America. They claim that these cuts to vital programs will make people take personal responsibility.

Washington Post stated:

“The White House touts its cuts to what the administration characterizes as ‘a number of lower priority programs’ as a way to ‘promote fiscal responsibility.’ In actuality, it guts federal funding for affordable housing and kicks the financial responsibility of those programs to states and local governments.”

The proposed cuts to these agencies will affect the lives of Americans who depend on these programs to survive. The very basic human needs will be denied to millions. Food, housing, and education will no longer be accessible to low income families. We will lose programs such as Meals on Wheels, Head Start, Section 8 housing, and many more. Twitter reaction sums up America’s thoughts on these cuts.

The White House is justifying these cuts by saying that there is no indication that these programs work. One wonders what evidence they have that these programs do not work. After school programs, senior food programs, housing assistance programs, early education programs, and all other programs that benefit low income Americans work. The GOP thinks that these programs are wasteful because the money goes towards poor families. The statement was made that coal miners and steel workers should not have to pay for these programs.

So, these working families who pay for the programs that they use will now be paying taxes to fund wars and build walls. People will now lose their housing, lose their school programs for their children, lose nutrition services for the elderly, lose their healthcare, and lose hope. This is clearly a domestic act of terrorism. #Resist

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