Definitive Proof That Hate Through Social Media Is Coming Straight From The Right (VIDEO)

Most liberals have debated their fair share of conservatives during the past election up to the present day political circus. Liberals tend to back up their arguments with facts from many different sources. In contrast, conservatives typically look for “facts” that back up their warped opinions. Most of the credible sources out there do not align with their political views, so they resort to the right-wing extremist sites. These hate peddling sites are to blame for the current political environment and the deterioration of the ability to communicate with one another.

WGBH recently reported:

 “A major new study of social-media sharing patterns shows that political polarization is more common among conservatives than liberals — and that the exaggerations and falsehoods emanating from right-wing media outlets such as Breitbart News have infected mainstream discourse.”

The push from hate groups to elect President Donald Trump should have brought our country together and united us against a common enemy. Instead, a major push from extremist publications clouded the facts and pitted Americans against each other with their fake news articles during the 2016 campaign. The Washington Post stated it best:

 “Luckily for those who wanted to elect Donald Trump, that help was available during the presidential campaign, and still is. It comes from a collection of new right-wing hyperpartisan media outlets that are having a huge effect on politics.”

The most obvious of this evidence is the wiretapping lie peddled by the Cheeto tweets. Most liberals with any amount of common sense knew this was bullshit. But we as a country had to hear about this story on an ongoing loop for two weeks. More important news was put on the back burners so that this ridiculous story can play out.

The ignorance is strong with this administration, and right wing lies masquerading as news is a big contributing factor. If we have a president without the strength of character to understand that his sources are biased, then I doubt his supporters are any better. They basically accuse liberals of being everything that conservatives actually are…like sheep or peddlers of fake news. How do you combat ignorance on that level? I guess you write the truth. You pass the truth on as often as possible. You teach your kids the truth. You #resist at every turn.

Watch the real terrorists below:

Featured Image: Screenshot Via You Tube

I work in the social service industry. I have a passion for writing. I live as a liberal in WV with my husband and three sons. #Resist