Trump Has Become A Major Embarrassment To The US With No Let-Up In Sight (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump.

As a liberal, typing that title in front of that name every day is painful. Keeping track of the lies and embarrassing things coming out of Washington is not an easy job. The media seems to be doing a better job at reporting on his lies. CNN reported:

“Donald Trump’s peculiar relationship with the truth — his penchant for promoting unfounded stories and conspiracies theories — represents not just a curious quirk or a character flaw. They are a much-practiced technique that has paid dividends as self-promotion in his business career and in his political rise. Over decades spent in the company of yes men and yes women, he has been able to fire off nonsense without question or rebuke.”

Personally, I think that summation is still handling the toddler-in-chief with kid gloves. But it is an extremely important step in the right direction. We need the media to step up and call bullshit on this psycho. Trump is a clear and present danger to our very safety. Anyone with any amount of home-training would tell you that you cannot go around blindly accusing people of doing things and then refusing to take responsibility.

The horrible person that now occupies the White House (when he’s not golfing every weekend) is not even a matter of opinion anymore. Traits of a good person are lacking in Trump. According to Psychology Today:

“A few questions to help decipher your individual honor code, according to Meredith Strauss, a New Jersey-based psychotherapist, are the following:

  • Do I have compassion for others?
  • How charitable am I?
  • Do I extend myself to loved ones in times of need and genuinely want to help? Or do I just do it to be politically correct?
  • What would my friends or family say about me if they were asked this question?
  • Do you put material possessions before people?
  • What do you believe your contribution is to this world while you’re here?”

Is there any doubt about how our embarrassing excuse for a president would answer? I know how he would respond. He would lie. That’s what he does. Then his family would lie on his behalf. Then Press Secretary Sean Spicer would hold a press conference in which the lies would be reinforced. Then Trump would blame his lie on President Obama and Democrats in general. This is now normal. #Resist

And the entire nation is the laughing stock of the world.

Watch Bill Maher nail Trump’s behavior below:

Featured Image by: Az-Jean Via Flickr/CC-0-1.0

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